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About the game

Agent 47’s whereabouts are unknown. A new threat to global stability has emerged. Dubbed “Shrapnel,” this criminal network is responsible for a series of violent attacks and crimes around the world. Diana Burwood and the International Contract Agency (ICA) activate Initiative 426, a team of highly skilled assassins, to eliminate this threat.

Take down high-level international targets. Build your reputation. Evolve your team into one of ICA’s most valuable assets, The Shadows.

Strike in Secret


Leverage the environment to strike from stealth, dispose your kills, or to make their deaths seem like nothing more than unfortunate accidents.

Defeat other players


Defeat other players, build your team's reputation, and climb the leaderboards for exclusive rewards!

Choose your assassin



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An innocent man with a criminal record, and a skillset worthy of a master assassin. Stone assumed a new identity, and turned to assassination as a means of survival.

Special skill Explosive rounds

Weapon Global Precision MCAX

Stone standing and holding his rifle, Global Precision MCAX


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A rugged survivalist, Knight is as charming as she is calculated. Infused with a healthy dose of anti-governmental propaganda, she takes great pride and pleasure in a well-executed head shot.

Special skill Headshots

Weapon Sinetac S200 Mediator

Knight standing and holding her rifle, Sinetac S200 Mediator


Bio Hide

Kolzak is a highly trained and skilled assassin who constantly refines his tradecraft. In the interest of expanding his mythos, he enjoys using experimental ammunition.

Special skill Liquid Nitrogen rounds

Weapon Parabellum Marincorp Tarragon SVD

Kolzak standing and holding his rifle, Parabellum Marincorp Tarragon SVD


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Deep in the Amazon rainforest, Martins has spent a lifetime providing protection against multi-nationals, guerrillas, loggers and narcos. Martins is a laser-accurate and patient within the fractions of a second that can be the difference between success and failure.

Special skill Optical camouflage

Weapon M200 Intervention

Espelho standing and holding his rifle, YhK TIA NRF-114N


Bio Hide

Despite her petite stature, Soji is a force to be reckoned with. With the death of her family still raw, she is a vengeful adversary, a chameleon, and an opponent her targets never see coming. Soji is incredibly adept at hiding her hits by turning the environment against her opponents.

Special skill Gas cloud round

Weapon R93 Tactical

Soji standing and holding her rifle, Raifuru L65 Tactician


Bio Hide

Since losing his professional family to a domestic terrorist faction, Kiya has employed his skills as a detective, marksman and ATS field agent against those that would threaten national and global security. With nothing now left to lose, Kiya pushes his limits on every contract, patiently dismantling and disposing of all protective threats.

Special skill Comm Jammer

Weapon Dragunov SVD

Kiya standing and holding his rifle, Thar Ballistics VGA-T2